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volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for ARK

If anyone would like to help Animal Rescue Kusadsi in any of the areas listed below, please send me a private message (Facebook).



  • ARK needs volunteersTranslating English announcements/ articles into other languages.
  • Manning our Turkish and English emergency mobile telephones.
  • Collecting sick or injured animals and taking them for treatment when the caller has no transport ( we would reimburse your expenses)
  • Fostering animals after surgery or prolonged courses of medication until they are fit enough to be released or we can find them permanent homes. (We would pay for all treatment, food and any other expenses)
  • Fostering orphaned or abandoned puppies or kittens until they can be
  • found permanent homes. (We would pay for all treatment, vaccinations, food and any other expenses.)
  • Manning stands at craft fairs, table top sales and similar events.
  • Making and donating items for sale at craft fairs.
  • Donating unwanted clothing and household items for sale at table top sales and in the shop operated by our friends at Number 8 restaurant.
  • Hosting coffee mornings or other fund raising events.

Any ideas for fund raising will be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Alan Kennedy