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Street dogs and cats in Kusadasi

About the street dogs and cats in Kusadasi During my summer vacation, one of the first things that struck me were the large numbers of street dogs and cats on the street. Especially in the hotel gardens and near restaurants. Most of them were cute, especially the kittens and the puppies. I could never resist the temptation to feed…

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The importance of neutering and spaying cats and dogs

Spaying and neutering street cats and stray dogs and also pets from owners are vital to decrease and possibly put an end to overpopulation in our community. They often end up in the shelter and face the possibility of euthanization or live a dangerous life on the streets where disease and early death is common. Consider this: One female…

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Why help is needed for the stray cats and dogs

If you see the pictures no further explanation is needed. Although many Turkish people are also animal lovers many, unlike citizens in most European countries, often they do not have the funds for neutering, spaying and even medical care. That is why there are so many stray cats and dogs and the number is increasing every year.    …

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