The 1st edition (2019) of the ARK Calender to benefit the street animals has been printed!

The 1st edition (2019) of the ARK Calender to benefit the street animals has been printed!

They will be on sale at just 15tl each from Monday June 18th at Salt Box, Ladies Beach Hotel, Palm Beach Restaurant, Liman Hotel and Pandora Vets. We may have more outlets later.
The donations made by our sponsors have paid for the production costs, so every lira received for your copy will be used to help Kuşadası street animals in crisis.

A big thank you to John KearneyEndercan Sürmeli (Lidya Optik), MihraçTürköz (AKM Insurance), Tranche, Pan Dora Vet, Piemone Chocolate (Akdoğan Pasaj), Osman at Develioğlu Jewellery (Akdoğan Pasaj), Liman Hotel-mr Happy’s, Capital Spor, Dentistozdenatasoy Özden Atasoy, Serpil Atlı at Palm Beach, Sharon Muire Ergen at Hasan LadiesbeachhotelÇağdaş
Veteriner, Deniz & Teddy, & Hakan at Salt Box, for making the production of our ARK calendar possible.

We are currently working on our partner and sponsor page on this website

ARK Top Table Sale June 30

Please bring items you no longer need to Salt Box, for us to recycle . . . the proceeds will pay vet fees of needy street animals.

There will be a table top sale this Tuesday 30 June at Salt Box . . . we can squeeze a few more tables in if you’d like to book one – fee 10tl donation to Animal Rescue Kusadasi (ARK). Ring Ann 0507563841



When we first moved to Kuşadası 10 years ago, Alan & I agreed that we would have no house pets. In England we’d had a much-loved miniature long-haired dacshund and a cat, for whom we had found good homes, but we intended to explore our new country and pets would be too tying, we felt. Then a few weeks after our arrival, in walked Alan with a wooden seed tray, covered with a cloth. I assumed that my beloved had brought me a present and eagerly approached to look . . . the cloth moved! I lifted the cover to find a minute, flea-infested scrap of kitten with eyes barely open. I was not impressed!

Alan explained that Chris, the feisty Sheffield-born owner of Gossips cafe, had thrust the box at him and ordered him to bring the kitten home (on the dolmuş!). There was no messing with Chris – she used to go out on the pavement, spot expats approaching and order them into her cafe – she would not take ‘No’ for an answer! She was passionate about cats and turned the mezanine area above her cafe into a charity shop, selling second-hand clothes and other items, and she held quiz nights on a Saturday – all profits went towards neutering the cats of Kuşadası.

CharlieSo I dusted the kitt with flea powder (which I now realise is the wrong thing to do!) and having neither feeding bottles (they didn’t exist in Turkey in those days) nor kitten milk, fed her diluted cows milk through the finger of a rubber glove. Against all odds, Charley has survived to this day.
We used to frequent Gossips, to get to know the expat community, and Chris was always there, bustling around. We discovered that we shared the same birthdate, which we joked about. Chris sadly died a few years ago, and Gayle & Tuncay bought Gossips, which became No 8, specialising in delicious cakes, and kept upstairs open as a charity shop, carrying on Chris’s good work.

The charity ARK (Animal Rescue Kusadasi) had been approved at the beginning of April and on 25 April we held a member recruitment meeting in No 8 – when to our great surprise Gayle & Tuncay announced that they had just sold their business to Hakan, who specialised in providing delicious fish ‘n chips, and who has since then has renamed his restaurant ‘The Salt Box’. They also said that Hakan was keen to keep the upstairs charity shop going, but didn’t have the resources to run that as well as his business . . . so he would be happy if ARK volunteers would run the charity shop for him, with proceeds continuing to be used for cat neutering.

ARK Charity Shop

Our team of volunteer assistants is gradually increasing . . . and they worked miracles. When I first ventured upstairs my heart sank . . . piles of clothes and shoes were strewn all over the floor, following the previous table-top sale and customers rummaging through to find a bargain. However, within a week order began to be restored and now it looks amazing. Do please visit our charity shop in Salt Box Restaurant (formerly No 8 and before that Gossips . . . in Kuşadası town centre next to the 3.5tl shop) and support our work helping Kuşadası street animals, while treating yourself to the best fish ‘n chips in Kuşadası. Popular table-top sales are also held twice monthly – watch out for advertisements.

And at times when I’m upstairs at The Salt Box, sorting through donations, I am sure that I can hear a deep chuckle behind me . . . I turn around and there’s nobody there. But I know that it must be my ‘twin’ Chris, who has pulled a few strings to ensure that her animal charity legacy continues . . . she still won’t take ‘No’ for an answer . . .

Stand at Turizm Haftazı (week of Tourism) at the Kervanseray Kusadasi

Our very first fundraising event was great!

We are delighted to announce that Animal Rescue Kusadasi hds been granted a stand on the Turizm Haftasi  (tourist week) event at the Kervan Seray (map Kervansasray Kusadasi) from 20-23 April 2018. Many came to our stand for information and several nice items, cookies and cakes were sold, Of course all revenue will go to the street animals of Kusadasi. We want to thank everybody who helped us to make this event a success.


turizm haftasi 2018


Why help is needed for the stray cats and dogs

If you see the pictures no further explanation is needed.

Although many Turkish people are also animal lovers many, unlike citizens in most European countries, often they do not have the funds for neutering, spaying and even medical care.

That is why there are so many stray cats and dogs and the number is increasing every year.



Some municipalities are performing neutering and spaying but due to the large number of animals it is like carrying water to the sea. Many owners unfortunately believe that neutering and spaying their dog or cat is unnatural and harms their animal.

The best way to help an animal is to prevent it being born.

Read more about spaying and neutering —>


Animal Rescue Kuşadası, Kuşadası Hayvan Kurtama Derneği


Animal Rescue Kuşadası, ARK, is an association legally registered in Aydın as Kuşadası Hayvan Kurtarma Derneği, registration number 09.021.148. The registration document can be seen by any member of the public on request and will always be available for inspection at any ARK function.

The Association is governed by Turkish law and by the specific rules laid down in the tüzük (regulations) document issued on registration. A copy of the tüzük is available on request.

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 and resident in Turkey by completion of the regulation application form and approval by officers of the Association. Membership of ARK related social media groups does not confer membership of the Association.

The Association is managed by a board or committee elected by the registered members in an open meeting. The committee meets at least once, usually twice, every month to review progress, plan for the future, to examine the accounts and to ensure that the Association’s business is run in accordance with the law and the tüzük.

The Association exists to provide care and veterinary treatment for sick and injured street animals in the administrative district of Kuşadası. Whenever possible, once an animal has been restored to health and neutered, attempts will be made to find it a permanent home, if this is unsuccessful the animal will be returned to where it was found. Young animals will be given a full course of vaccinations before release or adoption.

If necessary, during prolonged treatment or post operative care, the animal may be placed with temporary foster carers and ARK will pay essential care costs.

Responsibility for veterinary care ends when an animal is released or one month after adoption.
When funds allow, ARK will also pay for the neutering of street animals taken by members of the public to one of our nominated veterinary clinics and will also pay for any other treatment deemed necessary by the vet on examination of the animal. After neutering and other treatment the animal will be returned to where it was found.

ARK may, at the discretion of the committee, pay for the neutering of the mother and offspring of litters of street animals.

ARK does not operate a sanctuary, refuge or shelter and cannot guarantee immediate aid. Physical help is always subject to the availability of members and supporters. ARK cannot support domestic pets and cannot operate outside its designated area.

Members of the public can ask for help or offer animals for adoption on ARK’s social media pages but respondents must agree terms with the advertiser. ARK cannot take any responsibility for such private arrangements.

For this we need your help. Membership is open for all. Please join our Facebook group

ARK on Facebook



Current status of Animal Rescue Kusadasi (ARK)

The association will be run by a committee answerable to the members and will hold regular meetings and publish accounts of its finances and activities. We will be totally open, transparent and accountable, decisions will be made by consensus in a democratic manner. We hope to co-operate and collaborate with like minded organisations in the region and have joint activities.

ARK will maintain communications through this group, an association Facebook group, this web site and public meetings. We have submitted our proposed Articles of Association, in which we have listed our intended welfare and fundraising activities to the authorities. As soon as they have been recently approved we will publish them with an English translation.

Structure of our animal welfare charity

At the General Meeting on 26 May 2018 a board consisting of 10 main Board Members and 6 Officers has been elected by our members .
Membership is open to all; the officers must be approved by the members and must be resident in Turkey, the president and accountant must be Turkish citizens. Members who are not officers may be committee members.

How can you support Animal Rescue Kusadasi

You can help us by: joining the association, by making donations (money or goods), by feeding and helping street animals yourself, attending fundraising events, assisting with transport, foster care or manning the help line and spreading the word. Of course, before we can start the welfare work to a significant degree we need to raise funds.