How to feed your cats when you are away?

Cat food dispenser
Cat food dispenser

When cats rely on you for food and you are leaving for some time

Do you own cats or are you feeding street cats? In that case, especially when leaving for a longer period, you are worrying about the cats that rely on you for food. You probably won’t want to bother your neighbor of friends to much by asking them to feed them every day.
There is a solution for this problem!

Cat food dispenser in small, medium or large
Cat food dispenser in small, medium or large

We manufacture food dispensers in 3 sizes. This way your neighbor or friend only needs to come to your place for a refill once a week. Depending on the length of your absence and the number of cats you can choose the dispenser you need.

We have them showcased in our stand at the at Turizm Haftazı (week of Tourism) at the Kervanseray where we will have a stand from 20-23 April. You can order yours in our stand. Only a limited quantity will be available in the next 3 weeks  (due to absence of our manufacturer for vacation) . A new batch will be manufactured in August.So be quick if you want one on short notice.

Of course all revenue will go to the street animals of Kusadasi.

cat food sispenser
The cats love it!

New Born Kitten Care

Kitten Care

Some helpful things for caring for New born kittens up to when they are weaned

Author Brenda Cassidy

The main concerns we need to think about during their first weeks are feeding, warmth,and learning how to Toilet on their own.

Our first option is to find a new mother cat with a small litter as she may adopt the orphaned baby/babies as her own. If a mammy cat can not be found ,the kitten will need to be bottle fed or as a last resort syringe fed.

For the first 2 weeks, bottle feed the kittens every 1-2 hours with a kitten milk formula which can be bought at either the vets or good pet shops . Important cow’s milk should never be given as it is too hard for them to digest. If you cannot get the formula diluted goats milk maybe given at the ratio 1-1 1 goats milk and 1 water(boiled cooled down drinking water) when feeding which ever you are using should be warmed to hand temperature.

As the kittens start to grow between 3-4 weeks old, formula can be given in a shallow dish along with a second bowl of kitten food either dried that has been softened with water(the formula milk may also be used to moisten the kitten biscuits.) or better still pouches of soft kitten food these feed should be given 4-6 times per day.

At 6-12 weeks, decrease the amount of formula and give them more pouch/dried kitten food. Food is now given 4 times per day.

Sleeping arrangements. If the kittens do not already have a place to sleep, a warm, dry area away from potential predators will need to be provided making sure is out of the elements and away from drafts. You can use a box or a cat carrier that is lined with clean towels or blankets
A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or light fleece works well. This should be positioned so that the kitten can move away from it if need be.


After the kitten has eaten, mammy cat will groom her babies, paying special attention to the anal area. This stimulates excretion, which kittens can’t do on their until about the 2nd week . we help with this using a soft washcloth or tissue dipped in warm water and gently massage the anal and urinary regions in a circular motion. This mimic’s the mother cat’s tongue.



At 4 weeks old the kitten should be starting to use a litter tray ,start with a small box after each feed placing the kitten lightly in the tray, it helps if the you remove part of 1 side of the box for easy access

The importance of neutering and spaying cats and dogs

Spaying and neutering street cats and stray dogs and also pets from owners are vital to decrease and possibly put an end to overpopulation in our community.
They often end up in the shelter and face the possibility of euthanization or live a dangerous life on the streets where disease and early death is common.

Consider this:

  • One female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats in seven years
  • One female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 dogs in six years
  • Spaying and neutering will also lead to a reduced urge for pets to roam which decreases their risk for contracting diseases or getting hurt. There will be less fighting whereby the animals sometimes inflict nasty wounds to each other.