Board Member Stories: Brenda Pemberton Cassidy

In December 2007 my husband and I moved from Ireland to Kusadasi, bringing with us Fanta and Scamp our cat and dog, who were part of our family.
After living here for some time we came to realize that the street animals were in need of help and we started feeding the ones near to our house. As the years passed we did all we could to help in any way we could, by feeding them, having them sterilized and taking them for treatment to the vets if they were ill.
During this time I created a strong bond with cats and started to hand-rear abandoned kittens. The first few were hard but then it became second nature to me and I managed to raise a number of kittens successfully. Once reared many of these kittens went to join the Kennedy’s colony and a friendship between us quickly grew.
About a year ago Ann told me about her dream to set up an animal charity, which you can read here (link to Ann’s post re starting ARK) She asked me if I would be interested in setting it up with her, which I willing said I would, but as Ann and Alan had to wait for their Turkish Citizenship to be approved before being qualified to start a charity, things took a back seat. But finally they were granted their citizenship and we started to progress to the next stage of researching and preparing to launch our charity, now known as Animal Rescue Kusadasi (ARK). From the outset, I agreed to join the team as Ann’s No. 2.
We now have a wonderful team of volunteers alongside us and our charity is growing daily. Long may it last and may the street animals of Kusadasi reap all the benefits of our group for many years to come.