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Animal Rescue Kusadasi

Rescues April and May 2018




22.04.18 Cat Telephone call – cat casualty RTA Cat DOA
23.04.18 Dog Telephone call – dog with bad leg Jan responded – dog ran off. Jan checked next day and dog appeared not to need treatment
23.04.18 Dog Owner going to İzmir needed home for dog Neighbour offered a home
28.04.18 Kitten


Rescued by member, who was then going away on holiday so needed foster care Short-term fostered by Ann & Alan
30.04.18 Kitten Saw advertised in Dost vets – required a forever home Took to be a companion to Lucky
01.05.18 Cat Urgent telephone msg – RTA paralysed rear legs Being treated with cortisone, antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins
03.05.18 Mum & 3 Kitts Found locked in derelict building Kittens blind – Mum neutered, one kitt had one eye removed, other eye ok – trying to save the eyes of the other 2 kitts
05.05.18 Cat Message received that street cat was in need of assistance – could not be caught Jan & Paula responded – haven’t yet succeeded in capturing the animal – have left a cage and meat with caller
07.05.18 Cat Seen with metal protruding from leg. Examination showed that previous fracture had been pinned in two places and one pin had now pierced the skin Leg splinted and bandaged and now resting with Ann & Alan