Sharing is Caring

sharing is caring

Sharing is Caring

Why is sharing the content of our website so important? A charity like Animal Rescue Kusadasi needs members, donations and sponsors in order to make a difference for the street animals we want to help. Therefore we need  lots of visitors on our website.

The difference between Liking and Sharing

A Like on Facebook is nice but it does not bring new visitors to our website. Sharing on the other hand, does! If you share the articles on our website the impact is much greater, especially if you also share with other networks like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsUp and other networks.

Since the majority of our charity are from origin not Turkish, the biggest challenge is to attract Turkish visitors to our website. You can be of great help with that. How? By sharing an English article or post by writing a Turkish comment to explain what the article is about. This way it will also be so much easier to find new homes locally for the animals and to find local new members and sponsors for ARK.

You can find buttons to share to various networks beneath each post. When every member shares a post twice a week it will make a big difference in getting new visitors to our website and to get people involved in our charity.

Can we count on you?